Lightscapes – Exhibition by Sussex-based landscape artist Mark Munroe-Preston

This show features a collection of Mark’s stunning landscape artworks which draw their inspiration from the local Sussex countryside. The works are based on photographs of real locations, the name of each piece is the coordinated where the photograph was originally taken, which have been enhanced to bring out the atmosphere and beauty of the locations. The pictures are presented on large sheets of Aluminium, which give the work a unique vibrancy and depth as it reacts to the light around it, which is not possible using traditional methods.

Originally from Yorkshire, Mark moved to Sussex in 2001 and it was here that he began to explore the local countryside, and particularly the Ashdown Forest and the South Downs National Park, with his dogs and his camera.  Mark’s work coalesces painting, photography and collage to create atmospheric images inspired by nature. His art is a celebration of trees using modern techniques to evoke the beauty and drama of the landscapes he experiences and drawing the viewer into the scenes with their unique and captivating presentation.You can see more of his work here at









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