Krafty Kuts

Did you know that Krafty Kuts worked as a clown’s assistant, trifle tester, bingo caller, and a fireplace machinist in order to purchase his first set of turntables?

Now renowned and respected worldwide for his highly technical turntablism, meticulously

crafted DJ sets and party-punching productions, Krafty Kuts is in a league of his own – we’re not trifling with you. Krafty was one of the key pioneers in the pioneering UK breakbeat and bass movement and has a global reputation for knowing where the party’s at.

Famed for his inventive combos and wily technical chops, Krafty’s sets smack of a man addicted to funk in all its forms and it’s that party knowhow and reputation for digging deep and catering for music lovers of many distinctions that has ensured global popularity to this day.

He’s krafty…


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