Kibo X Namani at AudioActive

Its safe to say that Northwest legend Kibo is back with a vengeance, after taking some time away from releasing music he dropped 2022’s most dynamic and eclectic project; FBFR – Feugo Baby Furtardo Returnz, With cuts sampling everything from botched X-factor auditions to a Lloyds TSB advert. Kibo is undoubtedly one of the most electric live MC’s in London right now, Well recognised for inconceivable radio freestyles that will go for as long as they can broadcast.

Hailing from Lewisham, In a short amount of time Namani has expanded his following from London to Brighton as if he were playing the rap games equivalent to Risk. With a catalogue of hits spanning from the sunny day anthem Sommer Rays, to the explosive Jersey House and Brent Fiaz sample infused COMPLACENT?!#To Brightons very own two-step anthem B-TOWN BABY.

Two of the country’s hardest MC’s, make sure you grab your ticket!


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