Working in oils, acrylic, gouache, watercolour, pencils and pastels across all genres, much of the work in Jan Barnett’s exhibition has been painted during (and taken inspiration from) the effects of the recent lockdowns.

Jan Barnett is an artist working from her garden studio in Ferring, West Sussex. She has a degree in Printed and Woven Textiles from Camberwell School of Art and Design 1969, and has since then developed experience in designing and selling fashion accessories, working in media to make a living with art as a sideline once her fashion accessories company closed and in 2012 took up life drawing and painting at Blackheath Conservatoire.

Not only has Jan Barnett had 3 successful solo exhibitions and had six of her paintings shortlisted by the Royal Academy Summer exhibitions, but she also belongs to a portrait group and in September 2021 joined the Arun Art Society. 

Her exhibitions are returning to Colonnade House having exhibited here in 2020, as well as locally in Worthing Artist Open Houses both in 2018 and 2019 alongside Wine and Reason, Partners in Wine and most recently in the WT&M Open 21 Biennial exhibition. 

In late 2020, a London friend named Jane invited her to join a small group all based across the U.K. and Canada that would share highlights (and sometimes lows) of their week with something they had created. 

The art and writing created by this group was diverse and inspirational, a great way of combating COVID lockdown by connecting with others, giving Jan opportunities to paint observations from “exercise walks” and of the local shops that kept residents supplied through the lockdowns. It was also from this that she discovered that delving into her photographs of trips to the far east provided a fresh supply of inspiration, happening more frequently since joining the Arun Art Society where painting on a smaller scale is more practical. 

Jan enjoys the challenge of portraiture and some of these, mostly 90 minute pieces, paired with cards of her paintings will be available for you to have a look at and buy. 

You can see more of Jan’s work at the Blueview Art Studio, Open House Weekend on the 11th and 12th June.

Visit Jan’s website here and follow her on Instagram (@jan.barnett.art)


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