Introduction to creating Crystal Grids

A Practical Workshop Session in the most beautiful of surroundings, this is an invitation to gather in circle, connect with the natural world, yourself and your intuition to be guided through the journey of creating a crystal grid.
This is a chilled, interactive workshop, hidden away in the West Sussex countryside, aimed at adults who would like to learn about creating Crystal Grids.

We will begin by coming together in circle, in beautiful surroundings and each person will have the opportunity to introduce themselves.

I will take you through a basic understanding of how to work with crystals, explaining the process of selecting, cleansing, charging your crystals, how and why to use them together, before creating both a collective and personal grid.

Once I have covered the fundamentals, you will learn about how and why to place crystals in a grid together.

The focus of this workshop is to connect to your intuition, bringing you back to the trust in yourself and ground you in the natural world.You will then discover how to set intention, understand the energy around that, and work with your intuition.

Following a beautiful energy meditation, you will create a collaborative grid together, while learning more about placing your crystals.

You will have the remainder of the time to create your own personal grid.

This is your time to tune into your intuitive creativity so you can focus on your intention. You are welcome to use the time to meditate on your grid, journal or create another.

There will be the opportunity at the end to purchase crystals, handmade smudge sticks and alter pieces.


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