Ink by Sussex Printmakers

After Lockdown and cancellations, INK is returning to Colonnade House for its fifth exhibition this September. Taking place in the main gallery, the exhibition celebrates our love of printmaking with eleven local artists who use a variety of printing methods including; Monotype, Lino Cut, Screen Printing, Eco Printing and more.

Sussex Printmakers is a group of artists who love printmaking and want to use ink, paper or press to create their work. INK is an annual exhibition with much love from the Worthing community. We are delighted to share joy with this medium, showcase artists’ work and spread the name of printmaking. Sussex Printmakers is run by Peon Boyle alongside Old Cartshed Studio. To find out more please follow us on instagram @sussexprintmakers.

Featuring; Anna Vartiainen, Vicky Gomez, Melissa Birch, Rosemary Jones, Martha Harris, Hattie Lockhart – Smith, Nicola Brewerton, Nora Young, Sarah Sepe, Peon Boyle, Sue Hawksworth & Barbara Byars.


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