Hi: Human Intelligence, Howell and McConnell

This is the second time that these two artists have come together to produce an exhibition for Colonnade House. Artistically, they come from very different backgrounds; one is self taught and the other with a degree in Fine Art.

Howell draws influences from all aspects of life experiences and current affairs to imagine artwork. Being inspired by artists like Basquiat and Banksy enables Howell to create a unique style through the creative process.

In this exhibition, Howell attempts to show how AI and our addiction to phone scrolling, and photo imaging is giving us a false perception of the way we interpret and view life as we traverse the real world.

McConnell needs to control all incoming sensory information in order to avoid the bombardment and subsequent overload when experiencing too much at once. Needing time to reflect and feel safe in a murderous and chaotic world, McConnell turns for inspiration to an art movement operational between world wars. To the Bauhaus, to simplicity and functionality, mourning for a less complicated life, whilst trying to escape the algorithms designed to influence and define us.


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