Henry Normal – Collected Poems and Other Landfill

Writer, poet and film producer Henry Normal showcases his incredible poems

Get ready for a night of poetic magic as the award-winning poet and writer Henry Normal is embarking on another UK tour, now coming to Worthing as part of Worthing Festival!

Compiled from 11 highly acclaimed poetry books and backed by another hilarious Radio 4 Xmas show, this masterpiece culminates a lifetime of poetic brilliance. With 90 minutes of pure magic, immerse yourself in Henry Normal’s world of captivating verses that will leave you in awe.

Henry is a writer, poet and founder of the Manchester Poetry Festival (now the Literature festival) and co-founder of the Nottingham Poetry Festival. Henry also produced several well-known films, such as The Trip featuring Steve Coogan and Rob Brydon. In June 2017, he was honoured with a special BAFTA for services to Television.

Since retiring from TV and Film production in 2016, Henry has written and performed 8 BBC Radio 4 shows combining comedy, poetry and stories about family. His tenth show A Normal Home was recorded last month for transmission at peak Radio 4 listening time on the 20th December 2022.


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