Genius Brighton: An Introduction to electronics and hacking with Python and Minecraft

Genius Brighton are running their classic Introduction to Hacking with Minecraft and Python & Coding for Girls 2-hour introductory coding workshop!

Coding & Electronics with Minecraft // 09.30 – 11.30 & 14.30 – 16.30 // Cost: £17

Suitable for Age 9+         

8 spaces available per two-hour time slot 

Book here.

This Genius Brighton workshop will be a simple two-hour introduction to the concepts of hacking using the Python programming language for ages 9 and up.

In this fast-paced two-hour workshop, you’ll learn about the importance of a basic knowledge of coding in the world you’re growing up in. We’ll teach you how to think about coding and hacking and how we put together programs in the real world using the Python programming language.

Expect noise and just a little bit of chaos, while we learn a bit of Python coding and use it to play with Minecraft!

Coding for Girls // 12.00 – 14.00 // Cost: £17

Suitable for Age 9+         

8 spaces available per two-hour time slot 

Book here.

In these sessions, we welcome girls, non-binary and gender variant young people to come and get into coding and electronics.

You’ll learn about the gender gap in computer science in the UK, why it’s a problem, and how you can help fix it. You’ll also learn about important female figures in computer science.

We will be giving a simple two-hour introduction to some basic electronics, connecting them to Raspberry Pi computers and programming them using the Python programming language. We’ll then use what we’ve learned to control the Minecraft game. You’ll use industry-standard coding environments and methods, learning from people who do this every day!

Expect noise and just a little bit of chaos.


About Andrew Riley-Watson

Hi – I’m Andrew, and I run Genius Brighton educational workshops. You might know us from our Venture Coders workshops. I’m a working scientist – a physicist – working in geophysics and data science. I’ve been running workshops like this, in and around Brighton, for children since around 2015. I also tutor maths, physics and coding privately.

Our workshops are all about developing the skills our children will need in the future – it’s not about creating a generation of computer scientists! We want to create a generation of children that have the skills to follow their passion wherever it takes them, without feeling restricted by a rigid education. That means having the confidence to learn new things, to solve problems, to not be afraid to dive into something new. This, more than anything else, is what you can expect from our workshops.