Forevanescence is the UK’s premier Evanescence tribute act that has been labelled by audiences as close to the real thing as you can get. The band formed in February 2018 after co founding members Katie and Jon decided they would take their love of the tracks to a live audience.


Playing their first gig in February 2019 at Birmingham’s rock venue Route 44, the band are rapidly gathering momentum and are now taking off across the UK. Forevanescence are keen to remain as close to the real thing as possible with the band members closely resembling the current Evanescence line up.

Featuring the greatest and most popular songs from Evanescence’s incredible repertoire, the band have even created a metal version of the recently released Synthesis hit ‘Imperfection’.

If you love naughties cutting edge metal music, then this is the perfect night out for you.

Plus Support from IAMWARFACE

IAMWARFACE is a Nu-Rock Band formed in Brighton 2016 by singer/producer Matt Warneford. The name is a cunning metaphor for his own original style of bombastic high-energy groove based electro-rock, which has been affectionaly branded “Rocktronica” by none other than legendary Virgin Radio host Eddy Temple Morris. The aim of IAMWARFACE has always been to create a new, edgier kind of rock sound, echoing the rebellious creativity of the early 90s and punk danger of the 70s. Matt always takes the pop route when writing but keeps it dangerous with a fusion of 80’s style vocals, abstract guitars, moody layered synth riffs and pounding drum beats The first single “Say My Name” was used extensively by Sky Sports for the opening Spanish League football games. They sold out support gigs with Gary Numan where they proved so popular to the Numanoids, calling them: “The best Numan support act in fifteen years”. The Debut Album “Year Of The Dragon” was released in September 2019.


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