Forage & Ferment Workshop

🌿 In this workshop, we’ll be wandering over the South Downs, learning how to safely identify and forage wild seasonal ingredients! Then, we’ll be turning them into delicious wild ferments for you to take home and enjoy! 🌿 On our foraging walk, we’ll meet a range of fermentable wild plants and learn about their edible, medicinal and historical uses. We’ll also meet some toxic plants you’ll definitely want to avoid to help make your future foraging journeys safer! We’ll be smelling and tasting as we go, so you can choose the flavours of your final ferment. Then, we’ll meet Emma from Wild Pickle at our outdoor fermentation station, to make our very own jar of wild sauerkraut – the perfect beginner-friendly ferment! There will also be lots of little tasters for you to enjoy, to get an idea of some of the other wonderful things you can do with your foraged items! All the equipment, ingredients and jars you’ll need will be supplied. Please bring a little basket or box so you can harvest your own wild veg to add to your ferments.