Filling the Void: Exhibition Exclusive

Richard Drew is a freelance Production Designer who, for the past 35 years, has been working in the UK TV industry. During that time, he has worked on shows and designed sets that have taken him all over the world as well as every major TV and Film Studio the UK has to offer. He’s also had the added privilege of putting sets into most of London’s West End Theatres.

The exhibition is a look at the creative process, how a few lines on a script can take months of planning and how an idea hatched on a piece of paper in his kitchen can end up being seen by over 120 Million People.

It’s also a look back at his 35-year career. Prepare to see some never seen before behind the scenes photos as well as a few recognisable props and artefacts from his career.

On Saturday 10th Meet the Designer himself, Richard Drew. Come and talk to Richard at the museum between 11am and 1pm to find out more about his fascinating 35 year TV design career. Don’t miss this free opportunity to see additional material not on display in the exhibition, and chat to Richard about the art of TV production design. This event will be in the Main Gallery in the Filling the Void exhibition.


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