Exhibition: St Sara Kali George

An installation exhibition by artist Delaine Le Bas.

Delaine Le Bas has worked in partnership with Worthing Museum on several projects and exhibitions. This exhibition includes work commissioned by the 11th Berlin Biennial for which she produced a new identity and a “living sculpture” that borrows from the past to serve the future in a fight against oppression: the figure of St Sara Kali George.

Nurtured by the experience and vocabulary of the Roma, Delaine Le Bas (with her partner Damian Le Bas, who died in 2017) has engaged in a lifelong practice of artistic resistance. Her work deconstructs the norms, histories, and language that have historically been instrumentalised to exclude and criminalize Roma communities in the UK and beyond. Found objects, drawings, textiles, photographs, sound, performances and film footage are melded together in Le Bas’ environments, which draw from her personal history, life experience, and dreamspace.

Text’s by Delaine Le Bas , Keith McGowan, Alex Michon,, Soundscape by Justin Langlands with additional vocals by Raju Bhopa Animation & Film by Laszlo Farkas & Delaine Le Bas Photographs by Lincoln Cato & Delaine Le Bas Special thanks to Amy Botfield, Vinod Joshi, Lisette Lagnado, Agustin Perez Rubio.


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