Dad La Soul (Worthing) Dads Only Meet-Up

Dads, Chat, Laugh & Listen.

Fed up with not really having a social life or pals to talk to properly?

We know from personal experience and the thousands of conversations that we’ve had within our community just how hard it can be to find new friends as a dad.

The older you get, the smaller your social circle becomes, the more expensive babysitters are, and the hangovers worsen.

You catch up with your old mates on Facebook less and less. Your social life revolves around the friends your wife or partner has met on the school run and being thrown into a long-term relationship with their other halves.

If you are lucky, it can be great, and you will form lifelong friendships; however, for many dads groups like that don’t exist, which is why Dad La Soul does.

Our dad-friendly meetups are successfully reimagining the traditional approach to men’s mental health provision by creating innovative, safe spaces to allow dads and male carers of all ages and socio-economic backgrounds to talk openly about their struggles.

Normally on a lad’s night, you talk nonsense and pretend everything is alright, but instead, we laugh, take the friendly p*ss and, more importantly, talk openly about everything and anything.

We listen without prejudice. That, my friends, is something quite special.

Here’s what we’re up to this year (at Freedom Works unless stated):

21st March: Guest Speaker – Paul of Stay Up Late

Join our friendly bunch of misfits for a pint and a chat. No format, no agenda.

Book your place here so we know how many people to expect, and we’ll see you on the night.

You can expect the following:

Free tea/coffee Free beer courtesy of our wonderful pals @UnbarredBrewery, Stand Up Comedians, Special guest speakers VR headsets and board games to play with Decent tunes.

We have an incredible HQ based in partnership with the lovely folks at Freedom Works, situated in central Worthing.

Usually full of a smorgasbord of professional change-makers and purpose-driven SMEs, Freedom Works is the perfect space for us to host some really open conversations.

We are combining it with the heart and soul of the wonderful folks at Sussex Business Times Magazine, The Good Business Club, The County Business Group and the Big Business Breakfast Club- to ensure that everyone gets access to this wonderful event.

Dad La Soul is a safe space for dads and kids to let off steam, have some banter and ask for help.

Freedom Works is an inclusive & accessible building that remains a safe space for all visitors. If you have any additional requirements needed to access this event, please email at your earliest convenience.


Parking is limited, so please come on foot or on public transport if you can.



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