by the violin bewitched

The International Interview Concerts bring back to Worthing two of their most popular and exciting artistes – the irrepressible violinist Kamila Bydlowska (Poland) and sunlight pianist Olga Paliy (Ukraine). They perform In The Round, a Guest Interviewer talks with them between the pieces, and the audience have their own Ask A Question spot. Expect surprises – verbal as well as musical!

They’ve got a heart-in-mouth (bewitching!) programme comprising some special Movie Themes plus Frolov’s brilliant, virtuosic Concert Fantasy on Themes and Songs from Gershwin’s Porgy & Bess, along with Brahms’s dashing FAE Sonata Scherzo, Saint-Saens’ masterly first Violin Sonata, and a special surprise piece will spring up.

Six resounding reactions to the Bydlowska-Paliy duo –
Males: “Such a range of music” . . . “Very exciting to hear and see it, and all so close-up. I had a smile on my face all the way though the Saint-Saens Sonata” . . . “Their friendly chat created an instant personal connection with us. They had such affinity with the music it seemed to come with their individual personalities baked in. There was the constant feeling they were making the music catch fire in front of our eyes”
Females: “Wow – WOW!” . . . “Loved the Porgy and Bess. So lovely to have a real variety of music, and not just one composer or style” . . . “So lively. It was a fantastic concert”


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