Broadwater and Worthing Cemetery Alter Egos Tour

Anyone who has walked around Broadwater & Worthing Cemetery in South Farm Road will probably have read a few of the names on the thousands of gravestones there. There are quite a few names that are shared with famous people, past and present, so our August tour will focus on this theme.

We will share details about the life of a person buried in the cemetery and will accompany it with a cameo of the celebrity with the same name.

Come and find out about the life of Mary Berry who, with her husband, ran a lodging house in Cobden Road, and Mary Berry the celebrated TV presenter of The Great British Bake Off. Learn about Jane Austen, whose gravestone is in the form of an open book (which is appropriate considering her counterpart, the famous author), and John Noakes, a baker, who married three times in his lifetime – his third wife being some 44 years younger than him – who shares his name with the other John Noakes, the late Blue Peter presenter.

Also featured are The Adams Family, Florence Nightingale, and Henry Cooper. Other names may well have been spotted, and we know there is a Peter Kay amongst them, but not all have enough of a story to be included in our tour booklet.


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