Breathe, Move, Thrive and Roll – Yoga Tune Up® with Kat Waters

Breathe, Move, Thrive and Roll in this fantastic yoga class with Kat Waters

The fastest way to get a response from your body is through touch and movement, not through a pill but through motion. Motion is lotion!

This two-hour workshop will utilise a range of movements and techniques from The Yoga Tune Up® and the Roll Model® Method. This method combines targeted breathwork and movement with self-massage and self-care strategies.

These all lead to a multitude of benefits designed to:
– Improve your everyday movement
– Encourage relaxation and breath control
– Erase pain
– Enhance movement performance
– Build better body awareness
– Heighten your proprioception (your inner GPS map)
– Improve motor control
– Turn down your stress levels and hit the off switch

You do not need any previous yoga experience or knowledge. This workshop is accessible to anyone who simply wants to feel, move and breathe better in their body.

Please Note This workshop includes the use of the Yoga Tune Up® Balls, if you do not already have a set, they will be provided for this workshop and also available to purchase afterwards for just £17. If you have alternative spherical massage tools i.e. Franklin Method balls, you are welcome to use and bring these, but please notify us at the time of booking.


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