Bread for All and Roses Too – Garden Club

With Breathing Spaces

A monthly ‘Garden Club’ for anyone interested in growing food and flowers in a climate, nature and cost of living crisis.

We will start with a Mindful Moment to unwind and breathe. We will bring something from the garden to connect us with seasonal bounty and beauty and a simple interactive task relevant to the month or theme. And over a cuppa we can chat about the challenging stuff and hopefully come up with practical next steps:

How do we adapt food-growing to more frequent drought and storms?

How can we grow without harming soil, pollinators and other wildlife, and without increasing carbon emissions?

How do we go further than sustainability and start regenerating the natural world that we depend upon?

When times are hard should we just grow food or is there a place for the beauty of flowers?

Can nurturing plants also reduce stress, increase our connections with others and with nature, give us new skills and more confidence?

How do we challenge Big AgriBusiness and be Rebellious Gardeners?

Breathing Spaces has been community gardening and nurturing nature for nearly 10 years, and we are passionate about finding wellbeing through working with plants. We grow food and flowers because everyone has a right to food on the table and to beauty and joy.


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