Bread and Roses at Maybridge Keystone Centre

A chance to volunteer with Breathing Spaces, at a site on the Worthing Wildflower Trail – learn skills for growing food and flowers

Join us at our therapeutic community garden and small ‘flower farm’ on Thursday mornings year-round (except for a few weeks in deepest winter!).

Seasonal tasks to tend and harvest the fruit trees & bushes, herbs, hedges, pollinators, perennials, and flowers we grow for cutting. We bunch and give the fresh summer flowers to a couple of community support hubs and we dry and sell flowers to HISBE. But there’s always some produce for volunteers to take home too. We get some work done and then have a break for a cuppa and a chat. There are also opportunities to attend on other days, once you know the ropes.

Breathing Spaces (A Transition Town Worthing Project) has been community gardening and nurturing nature for nearly 10 years, and we are passionate about finding wellbeing through working with plants. We grow food and flowers because everyone has a right to food on the table and to beauty and joy.

CREW are a voluntary non-profit charity and we are passionate about ensuring our climate centre continues to stay open for all of us who are striving for a better and more sustainable future. Please consider making a donation to help us cover the costs of running events at our centre.

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