Art exhibition Ukrainian Renaissance. Unbowed.

2022 was a year of real tragedy for all Ukrainian people. Many of them gained so much needed safety as well as received a warm welcome in the United Kingdom. The benefit they brought to Adur & Worthing district is seen. New county inhabitants refunded the hospitality with a cultural and artistic impact on the local community.

The Colonnade house art gallery and The Worthing Ukrainian Friends Network united to represent the art of Ukrainian refugees living in the area. From paintings and photographs to traditional art such as icons, head wreaths and motankas (rug dolls). Each piece of work is a symbol of style and harmony all Ukrainians have in their DNA.

The program will include workshops, lectures, documentaries, and of course the display of art. Everything to get the sense of being unbowed Ukrainian artistically and culturally.

Most of the works will be put up for sale to raise funds for charity and sent to Ukrainian foundations: “Charitable Foundation “Children -Victims of the War” and The humanitarian movement “UAnimals”.


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