Alison Tyldesley & Diane Bailey: Synergy

An artistic collaboration between Alison Tyldesley and Diane Bailey.

What happens if you cross an abstract landscape with a vibrant animal?

The answer can be found in Colonnade House, Worthing, from Tuesday 15th March to Saturday 19th March where Alison Tyldesley and Diane Bailey will be showing an unusual project that began with the two artists wanting to break new ground.

Neither had any idea what the outcome would be but just let the work evolve over several months.

‘We worked on the same piece at the same time and from all angles’ said Alison, ‘It was a very interesting process that involved compromise and unsurprisingly a few disagreements, but actually we worked in very similar ways’

Diane agreed, ‘We both paint with confidence, not afraid to make uninhibited marks and big mistakes. The result was something entirely new and unexpected’.

Open daily 10.00 until 17.00, the exhibition will focus on these experimental works but will also include both artists’ recent solo work of atmospheric landscapes and contemporary wildlife paintings.

Open Tuesday – Saturday // 10.00 – 17.00


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