Highdown Hill

An important archaeological site, located on the site of a late Bronze Age settlement and an early Iron Age hill-fort, Highdown Hill (266ft) (Off the A259 Littlehampton Road) has some interesting archaeological finds.

It has revealed early Iron Age earthworks and the sites of a Roman bath house and pagan Saxon cemetery. It is also the site for the Miller’s Tomb – that of John Olliver – the eccentric Highdown Miller who slept with his coffin under the bed. He died in 1793.

From the top of Highdown Hill on a clear day you can see the Isle of Wight, Selsey Bill, Chichester Cathedral, Arundel Castle, Brighton and Beachy Head.

This area is also home to Highdown Gardens, a unique garden created over 50 years to display plants in a chalk soil.

Free parking is available for cars. Plus don’t forget to visit Highdown Tea Rooms, they are dog friendly and have a large selection of cakes, treat yourself after that walk!

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