Sara Cook: Colour: Nature’s Way

Colonnade House

Sara Cook's work is inspired by the changing light on the landscape and is informed by her research into Bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths, in continuing to develop her practice.

Sara is excited to be changing the way she colours her fabrics to using only natural dyes. In this exhibition you will see a new collection of botanical drawings in stitch alongside the larger abstract work inspired by the changing light on the landscape.

Her practice is influenced by the textile traditions of Bojagi, Korean wrapping cloths. The translucent qualities of Bojagi, seem to her a perfect medium to express these fleeting moments of changing light. In reducing the environmental impact of her work, she feels will only add to its integrity.

Bojagi: The word Bo means wrapping happiness or fortune and was by historically expressed using colour and symbolism. In her works she tries to achieve, Cheon-ji-in, which translates into sky, earth and the harmony of human coexistence. A traditional Korean value that chimes with the pressing need to find a way to live sustainably.

Sara is author of Bojagi: Design and techniques in Korean Textile Art. She has exhibited work in the UK, South Korea, Australia, and America. She lectures on the history of bojagi and teaches workshops in both traditional and contemporary interpretations of Bojagi.


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