Rainbow Shakespeare: The Winter’s Tale

Highdown Gardens


What could be more magical and essentially English, than watching an exciting, funny and understandable Shakespeare play in the open-air, whilst relaxing with a picnic and a drink.

Rainbow Shakespeare has been providing just that opportunity for the past twenty five years and have built themselves an enviable reputation with their ensemble company of lively professional actors who create the unique atmosphere that is Rainbow Shakespeare, sharing and drawing their audience into the enchantment of live theatre and the Bard at his best.


“Jealousy destroys, Love builds afresh”

The moving fairy-tale and pastoral comedy that is The Winter’s Tale: a good King becomes a jealous tyrant accusing his loving wife of being unfaithful with his best friend. In his madness he orders his baby daughter to be abandoned on a desert isle, believing the child is not his own. Time passes and she is reared by shepherds and shepherdesses, and she falls in love with the son of her father’s best friend. Finally, the healing power of true love and loyal servants bring about a family reunion, including a miracle and act of forgiveness for the King’s redemption. An unforgettable play with tears of sorrow that turn into tears of joy!

 Please bring picnic chairs or rugs.

150 mins


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Highdown Gardens


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