World Builders Workshop

World Builders Workshop
There are many fantastic and amazing worlds that we all know and love, from Westeros to Discworld, the Forgotten Realms to Tattoine and everything in between. All of these and more came from the imagination, so in this workshop, we are going to see what we can come up with together we might create a humble hamlet, a bustling city, an expanding continent or even an entire world!
This Workshop will be looking at how we go about creating these fictional worlds and perhaps, we might use in our own tabletop games.
Event Details

Genre: Creative workshops and participation

June 15, 2024

Price: FREE

Location: Dice Board Game Lounge

Dice Boardgame Lounge

Start Time: 12:00

Duration: 240 mins

Age Suitability: Adults only: 18 +

June 15, 2024 12.00pm

Dice Board Game Lounge

Price: FREE


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