Marc Bolan, with his band T.Rex, was one of the most flamboyant and charismatic stars of the original glam rock era.
With Bolan's special ingredient of Rock-a-Boogie songs, the band had a string of huge hits throughout the 1970s including'Love to Boogie', 'Telegram Sam', 'Jeepster' and '20th Century Boy'.

T.Rextasy have now been performing around the world for over 20 years, a career that ironically out lives Marc’s very own T.Rex. The band is now accepted as the world’s only official live tribute band dedicated to Marc Bolan and T.Rex and the only band endorsed and approved byMarc Bolan’s family estate, original ex-members of T.Rex and Bolan’s catalogue management. The band has been described by many as "beyond the boundaries of tribute".

A rock 'n' roll concert for all ages - if you'd like to know exactly what a Marc Bolan concert was like in the 1970s, this show is for you!

"They’re the closest you’re ever going to get to the real thing"- Bill Legend (original T.Rex drummer)
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Genre: Music, Live music/ theatre

January 1, 1970


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