Hear No Evil Presents | Carter Sampson

Hear No Evil Presents | Carter Sampson

Join us for an intimate acoustic evening of Americana with Angel Carter Sampson. All the way from Oklahoma City

We transform our shop come bar into an intimate club style venue for these acoustic sessions.

Carter Sampson is an Okie-born singer/songwriter with a big voice. The Oklahoma City-based artist is blessed by a musical family legacy that includes talents like Roy Orbison.

Her journey as a naturally independent, free-spirited musician has seemed almost predestined at times. At age 15 she began experimenting with sound as a way to pass the time; now her creativity has matured into the dedicated and passionate performance that makes her a favorite female vocalist.

“I’m pretty much the same me working on the same goals ... maybe a little more grown up. I think I am more confident than I was when I first started playing. I’ve always been brave, but I’m more sure of myself now,” Sampson exuded.
Event Details

Genre: Live music

June 11, 2024

Price: £14.95

Location: Gareth Harries

Beer No Evil, 82 Brighton Road, Worthing BN11 2EN

Start Time: 19:30

Duration: 120 mins

Age Suitability: Adults only: 18 +

Content Warnings: None

June 11, 2024 7.30pm

Gareth Harries

Price: £14.95


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