4 Ways to See

4 Ways to See
“4 Ways to See” is a group of Sussex Artists, each profoundly influenced by the world and the landscape around them but each of whose vision finds its expression very differently.

Maggie Tredwell, Wendy Palmer, Julie Batty and Jane Dahill invite you to come with them on a journey through their landscapes (and the people and objects in them).  It is their hope that you will be drawn into, and inspired by, the diversity of their work and through it gain a sense of the marvel which is the world around us.
Maggie Tredwell
Maggie is a professional artist. She has a Masters Degree in Fine Art and a Post Graduate Certificate in Education and has won awards for her artwork, both locally and nationally. Maggie paints in oils and acrylics and draws using traditional techniques with dip-pens and Indian ink.  Her precise style and muted palette will fire your imagination.
Wendy Palmer
Wendy is a multi-disciplinary artist and designer working as a ceramic artist and painter.  Her sculptural ceramic, produced with an instinctive use of colour, reflect her love of landscape, nature and history. Her work is not only beautiful to look at but immensely tactile.
Julie Batty
Julie’s painting career began after semi-retirement from a lifetime of primary school teaching.  This background has given her a real ability to use her work to tell a story and evoke memory, whilst her instinctive use of colour and light conveys an essential essence of place.
Jane Dahill
Jane grew up in a household where there was lots of art but pursued a career as a solicitor, only returning to art after retirement.  She works with both oil paint and textile, where she combines stitching with natural objects using these to portray a real, but different, sense of what landscape can mean.
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January 1, 1970


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