Rainbow Shakespeare: A Midsummer Night’s Dream

Highdown Gardens

What could be more magical and essentially English, than watching an exciting, funny and understandable Shakespeare play in the open-air, whilst relaxing with a picnic and a drink.

Rainbow Shakespeare has been providing just that opportunity for the past twenty five years and have built themselves an enviable reputation with their ensemble company of lively professional actors who create the unique atmosphere that is Rainbow Shakespeare, sharing and drawing their audience into the enchantment of live theatre and the Bard at his best.

This year Rainbow present two contrasting comedies at Highdown Gardens, Worthing:


“A dream of a comedy, Shakespeare and Rainbow Shakespeare: no one does it better!”

“O mummy, did that man Shakespeare write anymore plays like this?” 6 year old to mother, as they were leaving Rainbow’s last production of The Dream. Your first viewing or your thirty first, Shakespeare’s best comedy never fails to delight and intrigue, as, watching it, we continually discover new themes! The play draws audiences of all ages into its magic, fairies, lovers and buffoons. The Bard weaves a unique tapestry, where simple workmen attempt to create an epic drama to entertain the Duke and Court at their wedding celebrations, where young lovers attempt to elope through a Greek Forest, where the King and Queen of the Fairies are at daggers drawn, and the mischievous Puck creates bedlam and confuses everyone with his pranks. “Lord what Fools these Mortals Be!” For children, The Dream is an unforgettable introduction to Shakespeare and theatre, for others, it’s like meeting an old, loved friend!

Please bring picnic chairs or rugs.

150 mins


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Highdown Gardens


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