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It’s an exciting time to bring your business to Worthing. 

If you are looking for large scale investment opportunities, our property database is coming soon.

Plans are also in place to introduce an opportunity for small enterprises (SME) & creatives to access temporary/short term uses of vacant premises in the town centre.

“I set up Warren Creative when I moved to Worthing from Arundel with my (then!) young family in 1999. Living in Broadwater meant we had everything on our doorstep. Professionally, Worthing’s location, size and local resources, coupled with easy road and rail access to Brighton and London, made it easy for me to find, hire and retain the skilled people I needed – and they’re still important factors all these years later.”

Stuart Warren, Founder, Warren Creative

“My partners and I are delighted to have invested in Worthing and have realised very good results. We find the local community, Worthing Council and business associations welcoming, open minded and exceeding collaborative. We are planning to grow our businesses as more opportunities arise.”

Darren Gearing, Director – Our Eating House Ltd & Gearing Plant Hire Ltd

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