Anne Krinsky Q & A

Anne Krinsky is a London-based artist, born in the US. She works with paint, print, photography and video. She has shown extensively, including numerous US solo shows – at The Art Complex Museum in Duxbury, Massachusetts; Andrea Marquit Fine Arts, Boston; Soprafina Gallery, Boston; and her 10-year retrospective at the Trustman Gallery at Simmons College, Boston. 


Research underpins her practice and she has made installations in response to archived collections in the US, UK and India. She exhibited her first project with a UK archive, From Absorb to Zoom: An Alphabet of Actions in the Women’s Art Library, at Goldsmiths University of London in 2015. 


Her 2017 project, Tide Line Thames, investigated the river and its architecture between high and low tide lines, for London’s Totally Thames. It included a video installation in the Brunel Museum Thames Tunnel Shaft and Tropical Thames, a print installation in Crossrail Place Roof Garden, commissioned by Canary Wharf Arts. 


Anne’s latest exhibition,  Wetlands/ Shifting Shorelines, is currently on show in Worthing at The Seafront Gallery, located on Worthing’s beautiful promenade, from 29 OCTOBER 2021 –  27 APRIL 2022.


We spoke with Anne to discuss, her work, Worthing and what’s next: 


Question: What is The Seafront Gallery and what are you displaying on it?


Answer: The Seafront Gallery is Worthing’s Outdoor Exhibition Space on the Worthing Promenade. I am showing digital prints inspired by vulnerable South Coast wetlands I photographed in 2020 and 2021. I worked with projection, photography and with Photoshop to create this series on aluminium panels. They are part of my larger project about fragile wetlands and climate change in a range of river and coastal locations. 


Question: Why exhibit in Worthing? 


Answer: In the past two years, my research has focused on South Coast wetlands, including wetlands in Lymington and Keyhaven in The North Solent and Chichester, Pagham and Portsmouth Harbours. Naturally I wanted to show the work in a South Coast venue and Worthing turned out to be the perfect place.


I first proposed an exhibition of my wetlands work to the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. That show, Fugitive, (postponed due to Covid) will be at the Museum from early February through April 2022. Then I saw an Open Call for the Seafront Gallery and couldn’t resist the opportunity to show work about coastal wetlands right on the seafront. I’m thrilled to have the Seafront and Museum shows run in tandem. 


Question: What advice would you give other artists who want to display their work at The Seafront Gallery?


Answer: I would consider how your work will interact with the surroundings. It’s terrific that Worthing Borough Council is creating venues for public art. Put in a proposal! 


Question: What’s your favorite Worthing spot now you are more familiar with it (cafe, pub, shop etc.) ? 




I’ve enjoyed the grilled chicken wraps from Fernando’s and the hot drinks at Munch Coffee Bar and Kitchen in the lovely Royal Arcade. And my husband says the selection of fishing lures at Prime Angling is the best he’s seen. One thing I love in Worthing are the flint walls. They make me imagine a project about flint – it’s formation, extraction, architectural history and its varied forms. I’m looking forward to exploring more in the coming months!  


Question: What are your hopes for the exhibition? 



I hope people find something beautiful in my work and that it sparks curiosity, both about my working process and about area wetlands. These tidal habitats are threatened by rising sea levels and pollution. It’s heartbreaking to see the overgrowth of algae – resulting from agricultural runoff and dumping of sewage – that is engulfing South Coast wetlands. 


I am inspired by scientists and community groups working to protect and restore coastal ecosystems. To bring attention to some of their work, the exhibition also includes information panels about Bird Aware Solent, the Solent Oyster Restoration Project and the Sussex Kelp Restoration Project. 


Question: What interests you as an artist? 


Answer: I am fascinated by the passage of time and by the ephemeral nature of the physical world. I investigate overlooked structures in the natural and lived environments, searching for patterns and parallels in nature and technology. 


I trained as a printmaker, and layering – of ideas, images and media – lies at the heart of my practice. I use additive and subtractive processes, to build and remove layers of colour and pattern, making work that reveals itself slowly. I reconfigure images, shapes and surfaces to discover visual relationships that interest me.


Question: What’s next?


I am designing Fugitive, a digital print installation about South Coast wetlands, for my show at the Worthing Museum and Art Gallery. It runs from 5 February through 1 May 2022. After that, I hope to get off the computer for a while to focus on painting. In late 2022, I will be in Santa Monica for a residency at 18th Street Art Center, to do some research on the Los Angeles River Corridor. 


Find out more about Anne’s work and keep informed about her latest exhibitions at:

Instagram: @annekrinsky


The Seafront Gallery is Worthing’s new outdoor exhibition space. Situated in a prime location on Worthing’s bustling promenade it features five stone-filled gabion plinths, an accessible beachside path and 20 display surfaces.


The Seafront Gallery is a fantastic opportunity to present accessible public exhibitions to a wide audience in a location with high footfall without the pressures of managing a traditional gallery space.


We are now welcoming proposals for future exhibitions at The Seafront Gallery, head to: for more information. 



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